Developed For: Price Me International Ltd

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Mongrel, Apache, Amazon Simple Storage

My involvement in classifieds.co.nz spanned the complete lifecycle of the web site. I only work on the project in my spare time. From a design perspective, the only elements on the site left from the original design template are the header and footer. The site uses attachment_fu with RMagick to handle image manipulation and uploads to amazon S3, where the images are hosted. Searching is handled with acts_as_ferret and currently I'm working on caching to improve performance.<br/>The plan is to integrate a lot more Ajax into the application, but firstly I want to drive out most of the functionality and then layer the Ajax elements. This will allow me to degrade the functionality nicely when JavaScript is disabled.



Developed For: ACP Digital

Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, MS.AJAX, Endeca

Sellmefree is one of the oldest New Zealand classifieds websites where you can buy and sell your goods for free. The redevelopment mainly focused around the Endeca search and navigation product. The site did get a face lift, but most of the work centered on improving the site navigation and discoverability.

Investec Challenge

Investec Challenge

Developed For: Investec (South Africa)

Technologies: ASP, VB, SQL Server, JavaScript, CSS

The investec stock challenge site was an annual challenge held by the investec group in South Africa. Participants on the site play the stock exchange with a hour delay and the winner of the game at the end of the year, wins an oppurtunity to persue a carreer as a stock broker. <br/>My involvement consisted of maintainance and support of the web site.

Here are some of the projects I've been involved with lately, either as an end-to-end freelance development project, or as part of a team of developers and designers.

This section is updated as more projects are completed; check back from time to time to see the latest.

I'd be happy to provide more information on my involvement with these projects - just contact me.

Recommended by

  1. Meg Tillett of Sysmex NZ Ltd - R&D Operations Manager

    Marius fitted into our team easily and was able to be productive in a very short time. He was willing to offer assistance to others, make suggestions and generally made a valuable contribution to our team. His work ethic, productivity and technical ability is excellent. He worked well with people in the team, both those who were his peers and those more junior or less experienced. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him to any other organization as a contractor or in a more permanent role.

  2. Duanne O'Brien of Resemblance Limited - Director

    Working with Marius was an excellent experienced. Marius opened my eyes to aspects of Test Driven Development, Mocks and the like that I hadn't fully considered before. By pushing the boundaries in both technology & energy made working with Marius exciting and enjoyable!

  3. Frank Mair of Price Me International Ltd - Technical Director

    Maruis is an expert software developer who keeps abreast of the latest tools and technologies so is able to use his knowledge to build well designed and extensible systems.

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